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TRY-OUT FOR JR. COLTS TEAM (2018-2019 season)
2018-19 USA Hockey Membership is required to try-out.  Please visit if you need to register.  Please bring your USA Hockey number to every try-out.

To register for try-outs, please click on the registration link at the bottom of the page.  A $50/$100.00 try-out fee must be paid at time of registration.  The try-out fee is a stand alone fee that is not connect to your season team fees.  If you do not register through the link below, you will be considered a "Walk-Up" registration.  

"Walk up" try-out registrations will be accepted.  Walk up try-out fee is $125.00. Walk ups can pay at the try-out table with cash, check, or credit card.   We encourage you to register so we can be prepared for you and your try-out.  

If you are a new player to NORCAL, or are foreign born, you MAY be asked to provide a copy of your government issued birth certificate and/or US Visa documents to the NORCAL Registrar.  Please make sure that you bring these documents to tryouts in the event that you are picked for a team.

A/B Travel Hockey Saturday June 2nd
8:30am --Gear Fitting 6U Mini Mites Program (2011-2014)
9:30am--Stockton Colts Mite 8U (2010-2011)
10:30am--Stockton Colts Squirt 10U (2008-2009)
4:30pm--Stockton Colts PeeWee 12U (2006-2007)
5:30pm--Stockton Colts Bantams 14U (2004-2005)
6:45pm--Stockton Colts Midget 16U (2002-2003)
7:45pm--Stockton Colts Midget 18U (2000-2001)

Sunday June 3rd
7:00am--Stockton Colts Squirt 10U (2008-2009)
8:00am--Stockton Colts Peewee 12U (2006-2007)
9:00am--Stockton Colts Bantam 14U (2004-2005)
10:15am--Stockton Colts Midget 16U (2002-2003)
11:15am--Stockton Colts Midget 18U (200-2001)

Mite  - $50.00
Squirt, PeeWee, Bantam, Midget - $100.00

Check-in at the try-out table, present the required documentation (see above). 
- Receive your try-out number and place it on the back of your helmet (some tryouts will use jerseys instead of helmet numbers)
- Proceed to locker room and be ready to get on the ice at the designated time for your try-out
- Most try-outs will last about an hour. Upon completion of the try-out, proceed to the locker room and get dressed
- Upon completion of your second try-out (certain teams will only have one try-out) Tryout results will be posted by your helmet/jersey number on the glass outside of the party room at the rink shortly after the completion of the final try-out.  At that time, you will be instructed to do one of the following things:
- Meet with the coach to sign up for the team
- Or, you will be encouraged to attend try-outs for other Clubs

- Immediately following the try-out, you and your parent(s) will meet with the coach, team manager, and a Club representative at the area designated (party room).
- With help, you will complete a Financial Agreement, set up your payment process for season fees, and complete your player registration online.   
- You may Pay in full or select a monthly payment plan.  YOU WILL HAVE TWO OPTIONS OF PAYMENT (ONLINE ONLY) THROUGH YOUR SPORTSENGINE ACCOUNT:  You may pay in full with credit card or a checking/savings account through an ONLINE portal.  NO CHECKS OR CASH!  CASH AND/OR CHECKS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED TO PAY SEASON FEES!
Please come prepared with credit card information and/or checking/savings account information to pay your non-refundable season registration fee and set up your season fee payment options. (2018-2019 Season Fees are not yet final.  Please use below numbers as an example only)

Division              Season Registration Fee                  *Season Fee                                         Monthly
6U Mini-mites            = $100.00                               $375.00/275.00                             $91.66 / $58.33
8U Mites track 2       = $300.00                               $1,250.00                                           $105.55
8U Mites track 1       = $300.00                               $1,750.00                                           $161.11
10U Squirts                 = $300.00                               $3,050.00                                           $305.55
12U PeeWee               = $300.00                               $3,050.00                                           $305.55                                                                                                                      14U Bantam               = $300.00                              $3,050.00                                           $305.55
High School                 = $300.00                              $3,050.00                                           $305.55    

* A $50.00 discount is given for paying in full.  A $200.00 multi-player discount is available.  A monthly payment plan is available drawing the 2nd of every month July 2 - March 2.      

-  Upon completion of Financial Agreement you will be given access to a computer to set up payment process of season fees and complete your player registration online.  

If you have any questions please email: