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TRY-OUT FOR JR. COLTS TEAM (2017-2018 season)
2017-18 USA Hockey Membership is required to try-out.  Please visit if you need to register.  Please bring your USA Hockey number to every try-out.

To pre-register for try-outs, please click on the pre-registration link at the bottom of the page.  A $40/$80.00 try-out fee must be paid at time of registration.  If you do not pre-register through the link below, you will be considered a "Walk-Up" registration.  

"Walk up" try-out registrations will be accepted.  Walk up try-out fee is $100.00. Walk ups can pay at the try-out table with cash, check, or credit card.   We encourage you to pre-register so we can be prepared for you and your try-out.  

If you are a new player to NORCAL, or are foreign born, you MAY be asked to provide a copy of your government issued birth certificate and/or US Visa documents to the NORCAL Registrar.  Please make sure that you bring these documents to tryouts in the event that you are picked for a team.

AA Tier Hockey PeeWee 12U (2005-2006)
Saturday May 20th 2:30-3:45pm
Tuesday May 23th 7:15-8:30pm

A/B Travel Hockey Saturday June 3rd
8:30am --Gear Fitting 6U Mini Mites Program (2011-2013)
9:30am--Ice 8U Mite Program (2009-2010)
10:30am--Lady Colts (2007-2010)
4:30pm--Stockton Colts Squirt 10U (2007-2008)
5:45pm--Stockton Colts PeeWee 12U (2005-2006)
7:00pm--Stockton Colts Bantams 14U (2003-2004)

Sunday June 4th
9:00am--Stockton Colts Squirt 10U (2007-2008)
10:15am--Stockton Colts PeeWee 12U (2005-2006)
11:45am--Stockton Colts Bantam 14U (2003-2004)

Tuesday June 6th
6:00pm Stockton Squirrels HS (Freshmen to Senior)

Mites and Lady Colts, High School Squirrels Try-out Fees $40.00
Squirt, PeeWee, Bantam $80.00

Check-in at the try-out table, present the required documentation (see above). 
- Receive your try-out number and place it on the back of your helmet (some tryouts will use jerseys instead of helmet numbers)
- Proceed to locker room and be ready to get on the ice at the designated time for your try-out
- Most try-outs will last about an hour. Upon completion of the try-out, proceed to the locker room and get dressed
- Upon completion of your second try-out (certain teams will only have one try-out) Tryout results will be posted by your helmet/jersey number on the glass outside of the party room at the rink shortly after the completion of the final try-out.  At that time, you will be instructed to do one of the following things:
- Meet with the coach to sign up for the team
- Return at a later date for "Another look"
- You are excused to attend try-outs for other teams

- Immediately following the try-out, you and your parent(s) will meet with the coach, team manager, and a Club representative at the area designated (party room).
- With help, you will complete the Letter of Intent and make your financial arrangements for payment of your registration fee and dues.  Please come prepared with credit card information and/or checking account information to pay your registration fee and dues.  Once you sign a Letter of Intent you may not try-out for any other team.
-  Upon completion of the Letter of Intent and payment process, you will be given a list of instructions and a link to complete your player registration online at Stockton Colts registration site.
- You will have 24 hours from the time that you sign the Letter of Intent to go online on the Stockton Colts Registration site and complete your registration for the team.